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Annex / West 25th Street Outdoor Flea Market

When visiting the Annex / West 25th Street Outdoor Flea Market the quote, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure “ comes to mind. The popular parking-lot bazaar is renowned for it’s antiques, taxidermy and gritty NYC charm. Open every Saturday and Sunday, from 9am-6pm, the market is filled with oddities and eclectic vendors. 

Just imagine: a hodgepodge of peculiar devices, shabby chic furniture and cast-off clothing for the taking. For the adventurous shopper, it’s perfect for discovering something unexpected. As we patrolled the area, we counted 13 lamps, 8 typewriters and an endless array of knick knacks.

Here are some tips for conquering the Annex:

1.) Start digging: From costume jewelery to teakettles, there are a lot of second-hand goods to rummage through. DIG IN. It’s absolutely necessary to spend time sifting & searching. (Warning: You will get dirty.)

2.) Take your time exploring: The market is a tad smallish and unorganized. Allocate a few hours to take everything in - look over each table carefully. There is definitely potential for a great find, especially if you’re shopping for nostalgic or specialty pieces. 

3.) Haggle a little bit: Some good ole’-fashion bargaining never hurts. More times than not, vendors are willing to strike a deal.

4.) Keep your eyes open: Treasures await, friends! We found an autographed photo of John Wayne, a collection of vintage Nancy Drew books and a classic Singer sewing machine. We consider these items priceless one-of-a-kind finds. (Note: Totally worth getting dirty. See above!)

Don’t like getting a bit grimy? Then this is not the market for you.

Don’t like really random old stuff? Repeat. This is not the market for you.

Overall, it’s certainly worth a visit if you’ve never been. Bring cash and curiosity. You’re bound to come across something amazing. Like this.

Annex / West 25th Street Outdoor Flea Market

W 25th St (between Broadway and 6th Avenue)
New York, NY


Happy Shopping!

Elizabeth & Glory